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Welcome and congratulations! If you have arrived at this page then you are one of a limited number of clubs that will be given the opportunity to join an exclusive membership scheme. Developed in partnership with 11 of the leading National Governing Bodies in England the scheme will provide you with a unique and unparalleled platform to raise money towards your clubs development!

So what does membership give me?

Join this exciting scheme and your club will be provided with the following key benefits:

  • Unlimited access to Fundrazor Standard Events for FREE!
    • Included in our Standard events are currently a night of comedy with Jongleurs, a day's paintballing with Delta Force, an evening's bowling with Tenpin and a night at the dogs.
    • Each of the events will provide an opportunity to raise between £250-£540
    • A Maximum ticket allocation will apply per booking
    • A 10% discount on any additional tickets purchased above the maximum ticket allocation

  • 10% discount on our Premium Events!
    • Included in our Premium Events are currently a Day at the Races and Golf Days
    • Each of the events will provide an opportunity to raise between £220-£1200

  • Exclusive access to the Fundrazor Sport Team to help make your fundraising more successful!
    • If you want to see a local event or attraction added simply tell the team and we will try to add it for you

What does it cost?

All the above will be provide for an annual fee of only £120.00, currently the average cost of a single fundrazor event...incredible!

Sounds awesome?

Then it's time to register and joining the scheme couldn't be easier. Simply click the link below, follow the instructions and in less than 5 minutes you could start raising £1,000's for your club. Alternatively give us a call on 0843 487 8818 and a member of the Sport Team will take you through the registration process and answer any questions you may have. Remember places are limited so if you want your club to be a part of this pioneering new scheme get clicking or dialling now...... We can't wait to welcome you aboard!

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