Fundraising for Sports Clubs

Fundraising for Sports Clubs

If you're involved in grass roots sport the chances are the costs of playing or watching the sport you love are increasing all the time.

Do you have players or members moaning about subscriptions? I am sure you do!

That's why fundraising plays such a vital role for all sports clubs.

But fundraising can be difficult. Doing it yourself involves time, financial risk and often a lukewarm response from your supporters.

Now imagine there's a company set up to make your fundraising easier, more fun and above all more successful?

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Our vision is to become your most important fundraising partner. We want to help you by giving you great fundraising ideas.

And here's our plan. We're teaming up with leading entertainment partners and venues across the UK to offer you great ways to raise money.

You choose your fundraising events and we supply you with the tickets.

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We launched with a 'Night at the Dogs' in 2007 and already we've helped raise over £1.5m for over 3000 sports clubs and teams up and down the country. Check out the latest news to see some examples of what we've already helped clubs achieve.

'Get More. Raise More' is our motto so come and join us.


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